Former 2D Lead Artist with four years of industry experience in both freelance and in house production, three released products and five years of training centered around Animation and Industrial Design.


-Diploma, Industrial Design

Feng Zhu School of Design | Singapore | 2017-2018

-Bachelors of Fine Arts, IDS Animation

University of Georgia | USA | 2013-2016



-2D Lead Artist

Attractive Interactive | Sweden | 01/2019-10/2020

-Art Direction, Asset Production, 2D Animation (Character and SFX), Level Design, Logo/UI/Character/Prop/Environmental Design, Promotional/Community Development, Game Design and Idea Development.

-Freelance: Concept Design

Independent | Worldwide | 2018-Present

-Private Clients | 2018-Present

             -Character Art, Character Design, Avatars, Emotes, Adoptables
             -Game Art: Character Sprites, Environmental Design, UI
-The Christian Broadcasting Network | 2018-2019

         -Environmental Concept Art

-Special Guest Speaker: Entertainment Design

University of Georgia | USA | 08/22/2018

-Entertainment industry and how to get a job.

-Special Guest Speaker: 3D to Design

University of Georgia | USA | 04/23/2018

-Concept design, the entertainment industry and 3D in design.


-Paper Game: Attractive Interactive 2020

             -Paper Game Facebook Page
             -Paper Game Release Trailer

-Storybook: The Christian Broadcasting Network 2020

             -Sermon on the Mount Video Clip
             -Salvation Poem Video Clip

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Tel USA: (706) 614 8326

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky



-Big Indie Pitch Mobile Edition Winner

Paper Game | 2020

             -Pocket Gamer Article
             -Pocket Gamer Youtube Video
             -Pocket Gamer Paper Game Interview

            -IndieGamesPlus Article



Singapore | 2017-2018


Karlskrona | 2019-2020


Kentucky | 2021-Present





2 Years of Studies


2 1/2 Years of Studies