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I am a Former 2D Lead Artist with five years of freelance/in-house experience. I am also a business owner and have three released games/episode, five years of training centered around Animation and Industrial Design and eight years of Clerical and three years of Management experience.


-Diploma, Industrial Design

Feng Zhu School of Design | Singapore | 2017-2018

-Bachelors of Fine Arts, IDS Animation

University of Georgia | USA | 2013-2016

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-Business Owner: Cafe de Mynx

Independent | USA/Canada/UK | 07/2022- Present

             -Art Direction, Product/Character Design, Illustration, Manufacturing,
             Shipping, Client Services, Promotional/Community Development,
             Logo/Banner Design, Inventory/Finances, Social Media Management,
             Web Design, and Photography.

-Freelance: Concept Design/ Illustration/ Animation

Independent | Worldwide | 02/2018-Present

-Private/ Studio Clients | 02/2018-Present

             -Character Art/Design, Avatars, Emotes, Adopts, Illustration, Twitch/Discord Art
             -Game Art: Character Sprites, Environmental Design, UI, Logo, Animation

            -Seminars: Entertainment Design and 3D to Design at University of Georgia
-The Christian Broadcasting Network | 2018-2019

         -Television: Environmental Concept Art

-Clerical/ Management: Team Lead
-Goodwill Industries of Kentucky |
Team Lead | Kentucky | 06/2021-05/2022
             -Management, Leadership, Customer/Employee Development, On-boarding/
            Training, Inventory/Finances, Opening and Closing.
-Immigration's Department University of Georgia | Georgia | 08/2013- 08/2016
             -Front Desk, Phone Services, Data/Clerical Duties, Applications and Orientations.

-2D Lead Artist

Attractive Interactive | Sweden | 01/2019-10/2020

-Art Direction, Asset Production, 2D Animation (Character and SFX), Level Design, Logo/UI/Character/Prop/Environmental Design, Promotional/Community Development, Game Design and Idea Development.


Louisville, Kentucky




Singapore | 2017-2018


Karlskrona | 2019-2020


Kentucky | 2020-Present


-Paper Game: Attractive Interactive 2020

             -Paper Game Facebook Page
             -Paper Game Release Trailer

-Storybook: The Christian Broadcasting Network 2020

             -Sermon on the Mount Video Clip
             -Love Your Enemies Video Clip


-Goodwill Golden Hanger Award/ $1mil Annual Sales | 2021
Goodwill Industries Facebook

-Big Indie Pitch Mobile Edition Winner Paper Game | 2020

             -Pocket Gamer Article
             -Pocket Gamer Youtube Video
             -Pocket Gamer Paper Game Interview

            -IndieGamesPlus Article





2 Years of Studies


2 1/2 Years of Studies



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