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♡ Welcome! Cafe de Mynx is a Cozy Cat Cafe vibes brand started by the Concept Designer/Illustrator Madison Renae and Mynx the Cat! Wanting to inspire others the same way they inspired me and having a love for design/everything and anything cute or cat themed, Cafe de Mynx was created! Cafe de Mynx strives to offer handmade eco-friendly, affordable, quality, cute themed products and designs/manufacturers/ships all products in a smoke-free house. Mynx the Cat, a former rescue feline, is a star member of the shop. She is the purr-fect Product Modeler for all things Cafe de Mynx and she spends most of her days sunbathing, chasing her tail, and patrolling the cat castle. <3

♡ I am Madison Renae (the designer behind Cafe de Mynx), a Former 2D Lead Artist with five years of industry experience in both freelance and in house production. I am also a business owner and have three released games/episodes and five years of training centered around Animation and Industrial Design. I have loved all my years in the art industry/seeing the various cultures of the world, living in America, Singapore and Sweden and speaking four different languages. It is these experiences which inspire my designs/illustrations with the ultimate goal of creating worlds/characters which others love just as much as I do! ♡

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