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Q & A:

Below you can find a Q & A of commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions or would like to submit a request, please send me a message through the Contact Form on the Contacts Page. ^w^ (*Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission on sales made through this link at no extra cost to you.)


Are there any platforms you use I can follow you on?

Yes, please visit the landing/links page on this website.

Can I message you to ask general art questions?

Yes, please message me on the social platform of your choice. Thanks.

How long have you been doing art?

♡ I started pursuing art as a career option in 2013 and graduated from college in 2018.

Did you study art anywhere?

Yes, I have a degree in Animation from the University of Georgia in USA and a diploma in Industrial Design from Feng Zhu School of Design in Singapore.

Do you sell your art anywhere or have a shop?

♡ Yes, I have an etsy shop called Cafe De Mynx*.


Who designs/manufactors/ships Cafe de Mynx designs and what products/devices are used?

♡ All designs sold and produced by Cafe de Mynx (including logo and banner) are designed by Madison Renae (Ari) and tested to purr-fection by our Product Modeler, Mynx (Mynku) the Cat. Additionally, all products are handmade manufactured/shipped directly by Cafe de Mynx. They are designed digitally with desktop drawing programs/drawing tablet and manufactured with a professional printer/cutting machine. Products are quality checked by myself and Mynx (Mynku) the Cat and hand cut/assembled/packaged in a smoke-free home. ^w^

Is Cafe de Mynx eco-friendly?

♡ Cafe de Mynx strives to be an eco-friendly shop and shipping materials used by Cafe de Mynx are made of recyclable or biodegradable paper/plastic based materials and processed in a smoke-free house. Products sold by Cafe de Mynx are also made of recyclable or biodegradable materials whenever possible except for products which contain seals/coatings/films which are not recyclable or biodegradable due to this feature.

Care Instructions: Stickers (Laminate: Clear/Holographic and No Laminate: Matte/Transparent)

♡ Laminate: Clear/Holo: These stickers are water resistant/acceptable for light outdoor use. Hand wash only. Do not scratch/rub the sticker harshly or remove/reapply the sticker many times as this can cause wear. Apply carefully/slowly to smooth/clean surfaces for best result. (Ridged/uneven surfaces can cause wrinkles to form)

♡ No Laminate: Matte/Transparent: These stickers are NOT water resistant as it reactivates the dye based inks and are for indoor use only. Not recommended on surfaces that are washed/contact with water/dishwasher. Do not scratch/rub the sticker harshly or remove/reapply the sticker many times as this can cause wear. Apply carefully/slowly to smooth/clean surfaces for best result. (Ridged/uneven surfaces can cause wrinkles to form)

Care Instructions: Bookmarks/Prints/Gift Tags and Button Pins

♡ Bookmarks/Prints/Gift Tags: Printed on 110lb/300g/m2 blanc cardstock and are not water resistant as this reactivates the dye based inks. Not recommended in locations which they may come in contact with water. Small flecks may be present in the paper due to the paper's recycled nature.

♡ Button Pins: Sealed water resistant tinplate metal button pins are acceptable for light outdoor use such as on a bag/jacket. Do not scratch/dissemble the edges or front of the button pin as this may cause damage to the design. Slowly and carefully attach/detach from objects and do not bend the metal pin for longevity. Metal pin is sharp, care with children. Small flecks may be present in the button pin front design due to the paper's recycled nature.

Care Instructions: Magnets (Indoor Use Only)

♡ Flexible Magnets: Water resistant/for indoor use. Decoration/display of a small photo/thin card/shopping list/note to loved ones (roughly holds 3 printer paper of weight). Don't scratch/rub harshly, use on cars/vehicles, heated metal surfaces (oven) or devices with screens (computer/tablet/tv) as this can damage the magnet/device. Apply/remove with care on smooth/clean surfaces. Allow a large portion of the magnet to directly touch magnetic metal surfaces for best results. Not all metal surfaces are magnetic. The magnetism of metal surfaces depends on the mixture of metals they are made of.​

How long will my order take to arrive/when does Cafe de Mynx ship?

♡ Time: Expected delivery is estimated on listings/your receipt. Cafe de Mynx strives to offer affordable products therefore products ship with First Class Letter/Flat/Parcel Post as this offers the best shipping price. (Please allow 2 weeks domestic and 4 weeks international for weather/pandemic shipping delays) Buyers are responsible for customs and import taxes. I'm not responsible for customs delays.      


♡ Ship: Cafe de Mynx does all manufacturing/shipping in house with a bulk shipping schedule: M/W/F (except holidays/closures). Please be understanding/patient with delivery carriers/aware of possible pandemic/weather/holiday delays. Message Cafe de Mynx if you have any issues and Mynx (Mynku) the Cat will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why do Cafe de Mynx items have shipping costs/not free shipping?

♡ Cafe de Mynx strives to offer affordable products therefore products ship with First Class/ Global Parcel Post as this offers the best shipping price. Shipping costs are determined by the USPS postal company and unfortunately are regularly increased multiple times a year. With regular increases to shipping costs and the cost of shipping materials Cafe de Mynx cannot offer free shipping on an item to item basis; however, Cafe de Mynx does offer free shipping on orders of $35 USD and up to the USA.

Why isn't my USPS Etsy tracking number working?

♡ Domestic: Tracking is done through Pitney Bowes. Please check the tracking number given in your shipment confirmation email on the Pitney Bowes tracking search to locate your order: If you have any issues locating your order please feel free to message Cafe de Mynx.      


♡ International: Orders should update through Pitney Bowes. If they do not please check Ascendia: or your local mailing service with the tracking number given in your shipment confirmation/the customs ID # associated with your order. If you have any issues locating your order please feel free to message Cafe de Mynx.

What if my order is missing/arrives damaged or I gave the wrong address?

♡ Missing/Damaged: Cafe de Mynx packages/delivers to the post all items with care. Damages caused by actions of the buyer while opening the package/improper use of  the item are not the fault of Cafe de Mynx. Please contact Cafe de Mynx if your item arrives damaged due to transport. If your order is missing but says delivered please ask housemates in the house/neighbors. Otherwise please message Cafe de Mynx.      


♡ Wrong Address: You are responsible for the correct address on your order. If you put the wrong address please message Cafe de Mynx. If your order has not shipped, then your order will be canceled and you will have to re-order with the correct address. If your order has shipped, please contact your local USPS about re-routing. Thanks.

What if my order arrives with postage due/vat/customs/import fees?

♡ Postage Due: Cafe de Mynx ships all orders with correct postage; however, sometimes the postal service makes changes which are not made aware to shippers. I apologize and if your order arrives with postage due please message Cafe de Mynx with a copy of the USPS postage due receipt and I will gladly reimburse you this amount.      


♡ VAT: Vat is collected at time of purchase and customs is notified of this. Please message Cafe de Mynx with a copy of the VAT request from your countries customs service if they are requesting double VAT.     


♡ Custom/Import Fees: Custom/Import fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Cafe de Mynx does not collect these fees on purchase and these fees should be paid directly to your countries customs upon receipt.

Does Cafe de Mynx ship worldwide/why is international shipping so high?

♡ Worldwide: Cafe de Mynx ships to USA/Canada/UK/Mexico. Mynx (Mynku) the Cat is very sad about this but Cafe de Mynx strives to offer the best prices and international shipping fees/VAT/regulations make shipping international very difficult. If you are an international customer and would like Cafe de Mynx items, please message me with what you would like to order and I will get back to you with a quote that accommodates the international shipping costs/VAT/regulations. Thanks for understanding.     


♡ International Shipping Cost: The cost for international shipping is for First Class Parcel/Package International Global. This is the cheapest shipping option as shipping Letter/Flat is merchandise prohibited/will be seized by customs. Thank you.

Why are the colors on my order different than on my computer/why is the pattern/template printing different?

♡ Color: Printed colors may vary slightly from those seen on different monitors/devices due to display settings and the range of colors able to be shown or printed by your devices as well as modifications to your display by power saving/eye strain filters. Additionally, different lighting (natural vs LED and warm vs cold) can cause the colors to appear differently.

♡ Size: If it is printing smaller or larger (taking up more pages) than it appears on your computer, please make sure that you are printing at 100% scale with borderless standard paper (8.5"x11" inches). This is what the documents are formatted to and if you do not print in these settings they will not print correctly. Thanks.

Where do I find the digital files for my order/can I get help understanding my felt patterns? Can I sell items made from Cafe de Mynx patterns/templates or other items sold by Cafe de Mynx?

♡ Download: All digital products will have a ready to download PDF (or other file type) that can be downloaded and printed immediately after purchase. For assistance in downloading, please visit

♡ Help: If you need help with understanding your felt patterns, simply message Cafe de Mynx which product and section you are on and Mynx (Mynku) the Cat will get back to you as soon as possible with the purr-fect solution.

♡ Selling: Please do not sell items made from Cafe de Mynx templates/patterns. They are for personal use only. Do not redistribute, sell, or reproduce the 
patterns/templates themselves or other physical/digital products of Cafe de Mynx.

What are Cafe de Mynx's business hours?

♡ Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm EST
♡ Saturday-Sunday: Closed

♡ Hours may vary on Holidays:


What is Freelance?

Freelance is for clients which are a part of a studio/company and will need professional/commercial rights.

What are Commissions?

♡ Commissions are clients which are not a part of a studio/company and will not be using the art for commercial purposes. (Private individuals)

What types of Freelance/Commissions do you offer?

♡ You can find examples of my work on the Main page (Home) of this website as well as my social medias:

Architecture/Environmental Design

Props/ Logo/ UI Design

Character Design

Concept and Art Direction

Illustration and Animation
and more... (visit my About section for more information)

How can I order a Freelance/Commission?

♡ If you would like to inquire about my availability/rates for a freelance/commission you can message me here on this website on the Contact Page. When doing so, please fill out the form with as much detail as possible such as:

♡ Need of commercial rights.
♡ Detailed explanation of what you are looking for.
♡ Any references that you may have for yo
ur freelance/commission.

♡ If you have a deadline (Queues may exist).

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