Q & A:

Below you can find a Q & A of commonly asked questions. (Some of these may be repeated from other pages for convenience sake) If you have any other questions or would like to submit a request, please send me a message through the Contact Form on the Contacts Page. ^w^


Are there any platforms you use I can follow you on?

          -Yes, I use            Deviantart and               Instagram as well. (Click the buttons for links)

Can I message you to ask general art questions?

          -Yes, please message me though on one of my socials. Thanks.

How long have you been doing art?

          -I started pursuing art as a career option in 2013 and began my freelance journey in 2018.

Did you study art anywhere?

          -Yes, I have a degree in Animation from the University of Georgia in USA and a diploma in Industrial Design from Feng Zhu School of Design in Singapore.

Do you sell your art anywhere or have a shop?

          -Yes, I have an etsy shop called Cafe De Mynx.


Who designs/manufactors/ships Cafe de Mynx designs and what products/devices are used?

         -All designs sold and produced by Cafe de Mynx (including logo and banner) are designed by Madison Renae (Ari) and tested to purr-fection by our Product Modeler,
         Mynx (Mynku) the Cat. Additionally, all products are manufactured/shipped directly by Cafe de Mynx. They are designed with Adobe Photoshop/Wacom Cintiq and
         manufactured with a Canon Pixma 200/Cricut Maker 3.

Is Cafe de Mynx eco-friendly?

         -Cafe de Mynx strives to be an eco-friendly shop and shipping materials used by Cafe de Mynx are made of recyclable or biodegradable paper based materials. All          
         products sold by Cafe de Mynx are also made of recyclable or biodegradable materials except for products which contain seals/coatings/films which are not recyclable or
         biodegradable due to this feature. IE: Stickers

Do you make custom orders?

         -Cafe de Mynx does not at this time offer custom orders of products featured in the Cafe de Mynx Etsy Shop. However, I do offer Concept Design/Illustration services.
         If you are interested in personal designs/illustrations please visit my website for examples.

Where do I find the digital files for my order/can I get help understanding my felt patterns?

         -All digital products will have a ready to download PDF (or other file type) that can be downloaded and printed immediately after purchase. For assistance in
          downloading, please visit here. If you need help with understanding your felt patterns, simply message Cafe de Mynx which product and section you are on and Mynx
         (Mynku) the Cat will get back to you as soon as possible with the purr-fect solution.

Can I sell products made with Cafe de Mynx felt patterns?

         -Sure! Feel free to sell items created with Cafe de Mynx felt patterns but do please credit Cafe de Mynx in the descriptions for the design bases. Mynx (Mynku) the Cat
         kindly asks though do NOT redistribute, sell, or reproduce the felt patterns themselves or other physical/digital products of Cafe de Mynx including stationary

Why are the colors on my prints different than on my computer?

         -Printed colors may vary slightly from those seen on different monitors and devices due to display settings and the range of colors able to be shown or printed by your
         devices as well as modifications to your display by power saving/eye strain filters.

Are Cafe de Mynx stickers waterproof?

         -Cafe de Mynx stickers are made of a water resistant vinyl. I do not recommend stickers on surfaces which will be washed/come in contact with water frequently. I
         also do not recommend removing and reapplying the sticker many times as the adhesive will become less effective over time.

How long will my order take to arrive/when does Cafe de Mynx ship?

         -Expected delivery window will be estimated on listings and your purchase receipt. Cafe de Mynx strives to offer affordable products therefore products ship with First
         Class Letter/Flat Post (1–5 Business Days) as this offers the best shipping price. Additionally, as Cafe de Mynx does all manufacturing/shipping in house, Cafe de
         Mynx has a bulk shipping schedule and ships every Wednesday (cut off 11:59am EST Wednesday). Please be understanding and patient with the delivery carriers/aware
         of possible pandemic/weather delays. Feel free to message Cafe de Mynx if you have any issues and Mynx (Mynku) the Cat will get back to you as soon as possible.

Does Cafe de Mynx ship worldwide?

         -At the moment Cafe de Mynx only ships domestic. Mynx (Mynku) the Cat is very sad about this but Cafe de Mynx strives to offer the best prices and international
         shipping fees/VAT/regulations make shipping international very difficult. If you are an international customer and truly would like Cafe de Mynx items, please message
         Cafe de Mynx with what you would like to order and Mynx (Mynku) the Cat will get back to you with a quote that accommodates the international shipping
         costs/VAT/regulations. Thanks for understanding.

Does Cafe de Mynx accept returns/exchanges/ or refunds?

         -Cafe de Mynx does not accept returns/exchanges/ or refunds on Cafe de Mynx orders. Mynx (Mynku) the Cat apologizes for the inconvenience; however, if you have
        an issues please message Cafe de Mynx.


What is a commission?

          -Commissions are for private/non commercial purposes.

Do you do Commissions?

          -Yes, you can find all of information on the Commissions page of this website.

How do I order a Commission?

          -Please send me a request via email or directly on this website. Your place in queue and art will not be saved/started until the full accurate payment is received. I will

          provide an estimated date of delivery when responding to your requests. (USD and must be paid with Paypal ONLY. No refunds (unless I cannot deliver the product)

What is TAT based on?

          -It's based on an order of 1 item. Please understand multiple may take more time.

What is a Complex Design?

          -Detailed BGS, multiple characters, or heavily dynamic poses. (All items include a free simple BG if desired. Simple/small pets are also free.)

What is Express Delivery?

          -Moves you to the next in line in queue.

What are references for?

          -Inspiration/explanation of what you want. I will NOT sell exact traced/copied work. I will do a 'your version' inspired.

Do you do Customs/Personalized Character Designs?

            -Customs/Personalized Character Designs have an additional fee to the commission price to cover the design process/time. (Already added to on base customs)

Is this work for commercial purposes?

          -NO, if you want commercial rights please tell me. This is then considered a Freelance. Commissions are for private/non commercial purposes.

Is there anything you won't draw?

          -I do not do NSFW content or hyper-realistic/pixel art.


What is Freelance?

          -Freelance are for professional/commercial purposes.

How is Freelance different from Commissions?

          -Commimssions are clients which are not a part of a studio/company and will not be using the art for commercial purposes.

What types of Freelance do you offer?

          -The best examples for Freelance work are found on the main page of this website. I offer Architecture, Environments, Props, Illustrations, UI, Characters,
         Animations, Concept Design..etc..


Do you do Adopts?

          -Yes, you can find all of information on the Adopts page of this website.

Are the Adopts Open or Closed?

          -Please visit my Deviantart to check availability.

How much do the Adopts cost?

            -Adopts come in a variety of prices. Please reference the attached descriptions for specifics.

How do I get one of the Adopts?

          -You can message me here or on my Deviantart.

Do you do Customs/Personalized Character Designs?

          -Yes, I do. Please see the Commissions page Q&A and templates for information.

Can I Edit the Adopts?

          -Yes. Open Species (Normal Adopts), 100% feel free to EDIT Name, Gender, Species, Personality, Background, and minor Outfit/Color Palette.

Can I get Custom Edits to these Adopts by you?

          -Yes. There are additional fees for this service.

Do you have a Closed Species Adopt?

          -Yes, they are called the Symphonia Sypmhis and can be found on my DA.