Q & A:

Below you can find a Q & A of commonly asked questions. (Some of these may be repeated from other pages for convenience sake) If you have any other questions or would like to submit a request, please send me a message through the Contact Form on the Contacts Page. ^w^


Are there any platforms you use I can follow you on?

          -Yes, I use            Deviantart and               Instagram as well. (Click the buttons for links)

Can I message you to ask general art questions?

          -Yes, please message me though on one of my socials and not this website. I like to keep my website mail for business only. Thanks.

How long have you been doing art?

          -I started pursuing art as a career option in college but really it all began at Feng Zhu School of Design in 2017.

Did you study art anywhere?

          -Yes, I have a degree in Animation from the University of Georgia in USA and a diploma in Industrial Design from Feng Zhu School of Design in Singapore.


What is a commission?

          -Commissions are for private/non commercial purposes.

Do you do Commissions?

          -Yes, you can find all of information on the Commissions page of this website.

How do I order a Commission?

          -Please send me a request via email or directly on this website. Your place in queue and art will not be saved/started until the full accurate payment is received. I will

          provide an estimated date of delivery when responding to your requests. (USD and must be paid with Paypal ONLY. No refunds (unless I cannot deliver the product)

What is TAT based on?

          -It's based on an order of 1 item. Please understand multiple may take more time.

What is a Complex Design?

          -Detailed BGS, multiple characters, or heavily dynamic poses. (All items include a free simple BG if desired. Simple/small pets are also free.)

What is Express Delivery?

          -Moves you to the next in line in queue.

What are references for?

          -Inspiration/explanation of what you want. I will NOT sell exact traced/copied work. I will do a 'your version' inspired.

Do you do Customs/Personalized Character Designs?

            -Customs/Personalized Character Designs have an additional fee to the commission price to cover the design process/time. (Already added to on base customs)

Is this work for commercial purposes?

          -NO, if you want commercial rights please tell me. This is then considered a Freelance. Commissions are for private/non commercial purposes.

Is there anything you won't draw?

          -I do not do NSFW content or hyper-realistic/pixel art.


What is Freelance?

          -Freelance are for professional/commercial purposes.

How is Freelance different from Commissions?

          -Commimssions are clients which are not a part of a studio/company and will not be using the art for commercial purposes.

What types of Freelance do you offer?

          -The best examples for Freelance work are found on the main page of this website. I offer Architecture, Environments, Props, Illustrations, UI, Characters,
         Animations, Concept Design..etc..


Do you do Adopts?

          -Yes, you can find all of information on the Adopts page of this website.

Are the Adopts Open or Closed?

          -Please visit my Deviantart to check availability.

How much do the Adopts cost?

            -Adopts come in a variety of prices. Please reference the attached descriptions for specifics.

How do I get one of the Adopts?

          -You can message me here or on my Deviantart.

Do you do Customs/Personalized Character Designs?

          -Yes, I do. Please see the Commissions page Q&A and templates for information.

Can I Edit the Adopts?

          -Yes. Open Species (Normal Adopts), 100% feel free to EDIT Name, Gender, Species, Personality, Background, and minor Outfit/Color Palette.

Can I get Custom Edits to these Adopts by you?

          -Yes. There are additional fees for this service.

Do you have a Closed Species Adopt?

          -Yes, they are called the Symphonia Sypmhis and can be found on my DA.