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Terms of Service:

You are advised to please make sure you have read through and understand them completely prior to purchase. If you have any questions about the Terms of Service, please send me a message through the Contact Form of this website or as a comment on the location which directed you to this page. IE: A post on FB, Deviantart, etc..

You can find all of my Adopts here on my DEVIANTART ^w^

Adoptables Terms of Service

For you, the Adoptable Owner:

  • Open Species (Normal Adopts), 100% feel free to EDIT Name, Gender, Species, Personality, Background, and minor Outfit/Color Palette

  • Closed Species, do NOT edit species info

  • No commercial use (licenses can be negotiated)

  • Do NOT resell your Adoptable for more than you bought it unless additional art is included

  • Credit MyeAri/ Madison Renae (the artist)

  • Payment is via USD Paypal/ USD/CREDIT/DA Points (No refunds)

  • DA Points MUST be sent via the COMMISSIONS WIDGET (Do NOT use gift or donations)

  • Payment should be delivered within 1 days of Agreement to Purchase and art will be delivered within 1 day after payment verification. Holds available.

  • Art will be delivered via Google Drive Link (access to download granted by link) or a character transfer on Toyhouse. (Please specify when Adopting if you would like the Toyhouse transfer)

  • If you fail to pay in the agreed time, your Adoptable will be resold

  • Agreement to Purchase is Agreement to Terms of Service

For me, the Artist:

  • I can use the Adoptable you have bought for personal/promotional purposes IE: As an example..

  • I will NOT resell, trade, or gift your Adoptable to a third party (no commercial)

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